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Red Bank, NJ Dentist Marc Weber Charged With Fraud June 15, 2009

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Marc Weber of Red Bank, a licensed dentist, his office manager, Jennifer Barbers, of Manalapan, and Weber’s dental practice, Whitehouse Dental Office, P.A. (d/b/a Weber Dental Associates), located on Broad Street in Red Bank were charged with second-degree conspiracy and second-degree health care claims fraud, as well as Medicaid fraud, theft by deception, theft by unlawful taking, and theft of identity, all in the third-degree.

There are two sets of allegations here.  According to the press release, the first set of charges allege that:

between Jan. 1, 2004, and June 30, 2008, Weber and Barbers, who are now married to each other, stole more than $3,565 from Medicaid for services that were never rendered and/or completed. According to the indictment, Weber and Barbers regularly instructed another employee who handled the billing for the dental practice, to submit claims to Medicaid for pre-approved work prior to the completion of the pre-approved work. Barbers instructed the same employee to submit claims to Medicaid for a patient’s entire treatment plan on the patient’s first office visit, even if the patient did not return to the office to complete the treatment. She also allegedly instructed an employee to bill Medicaid for crowns and dentures on the patient’s initial visit rather than when or if the work was completed.

That part is not too bad from a defense perspective. Clearly there is an issue with an employee who is not charged.  Thus, it will be difficult to prove that this was not just a disgrunteled employee acting on her own.  Furthermore, the dollar amount is rather low.  If this was it, I would not be worried.

The second part of the case is more serious.  It alleges that:

Barbers allegedly convinced patients to take out loans for dental procedures using specific loan providers, even when the procedures were covered by insurance. She then allegedly processed the loans without the patients’ authorization, and collected payments from the loan providers even if the patients decided not to have the dental work performed. As a result of Barbers’ alleged actions, the patients were responsible for paying back the loans. According to the indictment, Barbers obtained the identifying information of three patients from the loan applications and assumed the identity of those patients in order to obtain the proceeds of the loans. It is alleged that Weber, Barbers and the dental practice fraudulently collected almost $30,000 from the proceeds of these loans.

This sounds bad, but the good thing is that it was only three people.  I am sure there is more to this story.  However, everything here is on the line so I hope they have great attorneys.  I would want to interview these patients right away.  Their testimony will go a long way in determining what happens with the case.  If there are other patients that are similarly situated but not part of the case, I would interview them as well.

Press release is here.


1. M - July 2, 2009

Can these 2 indicted on charges face jail time and if so – assuming they are found guilty, what is the suspected jail time each would face?

whitecollarcrimenews - July 2, 2009

Yes, 5 to 10 years on the 2nd degree charge(s). My guess is though that he will get a 3 flat and she’ll get off the hook with probation as a result. However, that is just my guess based upon my white collar crime practice.

Julia - August 6, 2009

They are still at it in his place of employment, amalgamated dental center in union NJ Morris ave.

2. M - July 2, 2009

OK – thanks… how long does this kind of case tke to go to trial by jury – I am assuming their lawyers will either go to trial of plead out?

Do you think the dental practice will be shut and the board will revoke his license?

Sorry for all the questions 🙂

whitecollarcrimenews - July 2, 2009

Depends on his lawyer. With my firm, 2 years to go to trial. With another attorney, 1 year for trial. I’m sure it will get shut down at some point.

anna azermttttruan - December 17, 2010

O. Hi meri its over sorry but maron n roller are hurting people u know I was not guiltyi

3. dawn butler - September 12, 2009

who can i contact about his situation, i was a victim of weber and barbers… please let me know

4. anna azermttttruan - December 17, 2010

RAnd who are you Dawn butler There’s no visit to weber at all ever so you were either a victim log perfect smile gently dental or gentle of Mon county funny I used Weber Dental and BTW I sold OFC in 06 to perfect smile that change there name 3 times in 3 yrs and lie that weber just sold OFC weber has docs chks all to show weber didn’t receive a dime since 2006 so who are you realy how can u b mad at weber who hasnt owned that dump for 5 yrs

5. anna azermttttruan - December 17, 2010

They were both acquired yet the real evil doers despite every SHRED of proof shown at their acquittal shows the real people the real crooks remain unscathed why who’s being paid off who FBI. And Feds will expose this conspirators vs weber n y state needed weber to b silenced he will fight to the supreme court until these crooks are behind bars n all. Know weber. Good mmm and u still screw with him after judge jury said NOT GUILTY last chance GO away n get real thrives or FBI will be up ur asses

6. anna azermttttruan - December 17, 2010

Weber showed at his acquittal he was framed and by who call him let weber help you stop harassing him he has everything u need but no one calls him do.u want to get the true animals that have assaulted patients using. Crappy cheap implants. 1 day truth will come out re roller n maron hopefully before someone dies or gets realy hurt Don’t say I didn’t wassef you

7. anna azermttttruan - December 17, 2010

Why down’t you contact weber 908 670 6374 thats my cell. I’m marc weber n would help you call me text me I’m an honest good man never heard of u met u or heard ur name ever just call me

8. anna azermttttruan - December 18, 2010

Okay I was acquitted so any one who wants my help and not just posting nonsense I have helped dozens of victims of perfect and real crooks call me if u r real not the lying scoundrels

9. anna azermttttruan - December 18, 2010

For. Real pros call Dr marc weber and text me at 908 670 6374 and I can help you

10. Marc Weber DDS - December 24, 2010

The first caring dentist and highly skilled and actually calls you after major treatment to check on you that I’ve seen in 29 years what a find union,nj Edison,nj w.long branch,nj & State Island

11. Marc Weber DDS - December 24, 2010

Marc weber dds was acquittal was months ago that means not guilty no plea just absolutelyinnocent so why is this 3 year old article all over internet but a front page article how he was wrongly accused nowhere to be found except on asbury park press front page archived Hugh? Truth came out in court so can the real thief give my patients back their money now since we showedit had nothing to do with me and showed who has it or are these animals allowed to steal from poor people old and even dead persons does anyone care or just get th good guys and fear the rich n powerful Christie will get you all we have a great just gov. Aaron last he will get u all

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