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45 people in fake check ring busted May 18, 2009

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The Hudson County Prosecutor working with Federal law enforcement have charged over 45 people in a fake check ring that stole over $140,000. Authorities allege that Ronald Peterson of Jersey City is the leader of the group. He has been charged with conspiracy, theft by deception, and as a leader of organized crime. Quadel Roberson, Rashawn Ford, Cory Lee, and Samuel Daniel, Jr., all of Jersey City, allegedly worked with Peterson to oversee and carry out the operation. They are charged with theft by deception, and conspiracy.

Others allegedly involved as runners include: Miriam Jones, Kevin McDonald, Mark White, Bryant Agurto, Tyonia Stone, Bertha Spencer, Josue Concepcion, Elias Montero Abrue, Talisha Vasquez, Barbara Porter, Cherron Wade, Miguel Agurto, Travis Lewis, Stephen Reeves, Shahibe Paula, Jayson Santiago, Darius Ford, Gabriel Ramos, Tiona Dawkins, Tiffany Johnson, Ashley Gibson, Jamilah Jenkins, Stanley Berry, Ibn S. Aziz, Markell Spivey, Kiara Loreca, Tyquana Scott, Tynaira Armstrong, Denaya Jamison, Evelyn Amparo, Eric A. King, Elijah Cayetano, Bianca Consuegra, Jamila R. Brown, Britiney M. Vance, Priscilla R. Alvarez, Hasson A. Tate, Kimneisha Battle, Joseph Daniel, Shanik D. Bowens, Ashley Wiltshire and Tyrus B. Dailey.

Authorities allege that ringleaders paid employees working for the companies to allow them to scan images of their paychecks and would then produce fake checks that would be cashed by runners. Handlers drove runners to the targeted banks to cash the checks and paid the runners a percentage of the proceeds.

Obviously, the runners will get great deals to flip on the main players. Knowing that, attorneys for the main defendants need to get the discovery right away and decide if this case is going to plea out or go to trial. If it will plea out, it will be much better deal to do it early than wait for when everyone else has flipped on you.

Story is here.


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