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Morris County Tax Commissioner Anthony Grecco indicted for numerous charges April 29, 2009

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The New Jersey Attorney General indicted Morris County Tax Commissioner Anthony Grecco for conspiring to steal nearly $300,000 from his Elks Lodge to gamble in Atlantic City as well rigging a 2004 raffle in Cape May, fraudulently underpaying sales tax on his Mercedes Benz, and awarding a county contract to a software company that he had personal ties to.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he has a history of frequent travel on tax payer’s expense that both Democrats and Republicans (his own party) have criticized.  While the travel issue is not a crime, it will be considered at all times here.

For example, if you were to try and argue a gambling addiction defense, not for an acquittal, but for mitigation, the travel issue would come up to blow up that theory.  Of course, all of those other issues blow up that defense as well.  If you put it all together, it spells greed.  I’m not saying that there are no defenses here, but it will be tough to work this out with the State as this this is the type of defendant that they would just love to nail to the wall.  Some attorneys don’t even realize it, but the prosecutor’s opinion of your client can go a long way in helping you work out a case.

Story is here.


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