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Owner of tank removal company accused of scamming hundreds April 8, 2009

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Albert Taylor, the owner of Tank Automation, Tank Tek, IDC Tank, All Tank Services, Tank Environmental Service and Computek Services LLC, was indicted by the New Jersey’s Attorney General’s office this week on two counts of racketeering and conspiracy to commit racketeering, and two counts of theft by deception. 

The State alleges that he defrauded clients by falsifying test results to generate business.  His customers in Bergen, Passaic and Morris counties as well as Central Jersey, New York State and Maryland were worried about the potential liability posed by a leaking underground tank.  In some cases, he would allegedly add oil to soil samples to make it look like tanks were leaking.

Taylor told customers he would conduct two high-tech tests on the oil tanks, but his employees did not even use the equipment needed to conduct one of the tests and used broken equipment or recorded insufficient data for the other, the indictment alleges.  Almost every client was told the test results indicated their tanks were leaking. 

I am almost 100% positive that they got some employees to flip because the State alleges that Taylor charged clients from $350 to $850 to take soil samples around tanks and then had his employees add oil to the samples.  Once his employees told clients their oil tanks were leaking, they would recommend Tank Management to remove the tanks without mentioning that he also  owned that company.  

While I know first hand from my own practice that you never can buy all of these press releases, there are some stores I read where I almost feel sorry for the defense lawyer here.  The employees that flipped and the sheer number of victims can make this case very, very difficult to win.  The State only needs to prove one out of hundreds of victims were defrauded while the defense needs a total victory. 

That is not to say  that all hope is lost.  If Taylor didn’t actually do anything himself, then it could be a good defense to blame the employees for everything.  Trying to find a motive for them to do that will not be so easy.  Interesting case that I would be happy to work on as I love a challenge.

Story is here.


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