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NJ man allegedly dupes six people out of $500,000 April 7, 2009

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The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office has charged Thomas A. Marchetti of Manahawkin with 2nd degree theft by deception.  He is alleged to have convinced six people that he could make purchases at an auction limited to people with military identification.  However, no auction is alleged to have actually existed.  All told, the six alleged victims are out over $500,000.

I’ve been in these cases and I’ve found that they fit a certain pattern.  First, I’m sure there was some contact between authorities and Marchetti before the arrest.  Quite often, the suspect actually makes things worse for themselves if they don’t get an attorney.  One approach is to ignore it and another is to make up more lies.  It is unclear if either scenario occurred here.

Second, drugs is a common motive behind most crimes but when we are talking about large numbers like this, drugs are rarely the issue.  A long term scam can be a means to finance a high profile lifestyle but a short term scam, is usually fueled by gambling addiction and/or gambling debt. 

Regardless, I would guess the money is long gone.  Hardly anyone steals money to invest.  Of course, that assumes the allegations are true.  The lack of ability to pay back the victims presents a problem because any plea offer will include restitution.  Hope this guy saved  some money for a good attorney.  He’ll need it.

Story is here.


1. Keshia - April 20, 2009

wow, he got me for only $6,000, but since im from atlantic county i have to file a report with the prosecuter of atlantic county. and for me he tried the car auction, but i didnt need a new car so, a few weeks later he came back with fore-closed condos. what a dummy i am.

dee - April 27, 2009

wow i guess we should have known you can not trust anyone i noticed he went to women only i guess a man would have seen the liar he was

PO'd and scammed - January 24, 2010

I am a man and me and three other friends of mine got scammed from him but we all got our money back. I think it was because he was scared that we were gonna beat the crap out of him! We were guaranteed all sorts of stuff. It’s almost been a year and I hope he rots in jail. Infact one of my friends found out some how that he was beaten up really bad and had sent a picture of him to me. So someone got to him that he owed money to. Rightfully deserved.

2. bhs[oja - December 7, 2009

i was a family friend. he was nice and we all miss him

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