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Massachusetts attorney general sues two New Jersey-based companies, NJ AG does nothing April 6, 2009

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Even though I’m an attorney, there is a lot I will probably never understand.  Attorney General Martha Coakley of Mass. filed a civil complaint today against the National Alliance of Associations, Professional Benefit Consultants, Thomas Sullivan, James Doyle, and Christopher Ashiotes.  The basic allegation is they these people and their companies sell association memberships but market the product as health insurance.

The real story here is that not only is this AG late to the game, but that New Jersey’s AG has done nothing for years.  Normally I would urge these guys to get an attorney but I’m sure they are use to this by now. You see, this cast of characters has been dealing with legal issues across the country for some time.  Florida dealt with them in 2007.  Read that article here.  Kansas filed a cease and desist order in 2008.  You can read that here (PDF).

Other states have had to deal with these guys as well but it seems like New Jersey has really done nothing and I really don’t understand what they are waiting for.  Of course, I am not saying that these guys are guilty of anything, but how many states need to file something against these guys until their home state takes a long, hard look at them? 

Story is here.


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