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New Jersey Public Insurance Adjuster Arrested for Witness Tampering April 3, 2009

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Kenneth Choseed a New Jersey licensed public adjuster, allegedly advised his clients and others not to speak with detectives from the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor in relation to an ongoing insurance fraud investigation that they are conducting.  Exactly who or what the State is investigating is not entirely clear, but it seems that it is Choseed’s company, Public Adjusters of New Jersey, Inc.

This is one of the many reasons why I tell people to get an attorney right away; at the first sign of trouble.  So many people that I meet ask me if they should tell people not to speak with authorities.  Of course, I make sure to tell them they are not to say anything close to that.  I further instruct them that if they are asked, they should state that  they have the same rights everyone else does:  the witness can make their own choice as to whether they want to speak with authorities and what they say.

If you’re not guilty, there is nothing to hide anyway.  Instead of telling people not to talk, the real mission here is to interview everyone to find out what they will say.  This locks people into a statement and allows the lawyer and client to evaluate a case at a very early stage. 

The biggest problem I see is that people charged or suspected of white collar crime are often in denial about their situation.  As a result, they think that a few white lie (pun intended) can fix the problem.  However, this only makes the situation worse.  (remember Marta Stewart?)  If they  just got an attorney  from the start, the situation may have been able to get resolved without any charges. I can’t repeat this enough because so many people don’t get it.

Press release is here.


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