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3 more NJ MVC (DMV) employees arrested February 28, 2009

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New Jersey law enforcement has really cracked down on MVC (DMV) employees selling driver’s licenses over the past few years.  Three more were just recently arrested for allegedly selling them to an undercover officer posing as an illegal alien.  Sonia Noel, her daughter Melody Noel, and Christian Toledo all face charges of official misconduct tampering with public records and other charges.

While the article states that employees sell these licenses for thousands of dollars, in other cases, it actually occurs for only a few hundred dollars.  Regardless, these cases carry mandatory prison time and a tough defense is required.  An entrapment defense would be the best defense in these cases.

Article is here.


1. John Anderson - February 17, 2011

Looks like they’re at it again. This time they’re calling driving schools and telling them they have unpaid tickets and that they cant continue doing business until they’ve paid the ticket and the additional $100 fine. When asked for a copy of the ticket they said that was not possible. They also did not provide a receipt after paying the $45 ticket and $100 fine. What? No receipt and no copy of the original parking ticket? Red flags all over this.

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