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Texas doctor charged with theft and fraud February 3, 2009

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Oscar Michael Reichert, a Mount Pleasant, Texas physician has been charged with first degree theft and first degree Medicaid fraud.  Little is known about the actual charges except that the investigation had been on-going for quite some time.  The time frame for the theft are from 1999 to 2007.  If convicted, Reichert is facing up to 99 years in prison.

I would think that this would be a big story but I could only find one story that has very few details.  If anyone has any details about this, please feel free to post a comment. 

Representing a big client like this requires a ton of time.  In fact, it could really limit a lawyer’s availability to take on other cases.  If convicted, this guy’s life is over has he will lose his medical license.  He is also facing a ton of prison time.  While I know nothing about Texas law, I find it hard to imagine that they will work out a good deal on this case.  Unless the evidence clearly dictates otherwise, this case is going to trial and trial prep starts today.  His legal bills should easily be $500,000. 

Story is here.


1. Harry King - April 12, 2009

Dr Reichert has been a great doctor and a benefit to the community. I’m sure, like in many cases, this has to do with bad paperwork. There is now a sign in his office telling people to be sure and have their medicare paper in order. I hope sure he’ll be cleared of these charges, and will continue to help others in Mt Pleasant.

2. A nony mouse - December 15, 2009

Seems to be a good guy and willing to treat anyone at anytime but the facts will speak for themselves. He may have charged medicare for one type of shot but gave another.

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