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Some people think that no one should be defended January 27, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in Misc..

Isn’t is scary that some people read a news story and think that the person should not be defended because they know that the person is 100% guilty?  Check this out:


and if u ever find urself in T. Child’s position, hire this guy:
a sleezebag lawyer who is already prepared with a defense for this type of crime.

but then again, who can believe who in a case like this. it reminds of me of postal workers of the ’80s going postal. this is just another way to do it without a gun.

currently, the Californian unions for city workers and other government employees are holding the entire state hostage over the budget. they want the dems to get taxes raised to insure their pensions and salaries and whatnot, in exchange for a budget. most Californians (of which i would say that I am an EX) would agree that taxes are too high already, and that spending reductions would be better, even if it means a few workers go postal or wifi-al.

yet as an ex-postal worker (over 4 decades ago, for just a few months) i can see how an employee would go nuts within that working environment, and hold passwords hostage or mail out white powder. it’s an insane way to live.

to all independent designers and artists, count ur blessings u are not caught up in that samsara. to all Californians, Buddha help you in the years to come, u have been Terminatered and should prepare for SkyNet.

This was from http://photoshopcafe.com/cafe/viewthread.php?tid=48632


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