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Is Art Nadel the Madoff of Florida? January 19, 2009

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As the economy continues to go down hill, white collar crimes will increase because desperate people will turn to fraud to make money while existing cases will get exposed.  A good example of the latter appears to  be Art Nadel, a Florida hedge fund manager with Scoop Management.

Although there are no charges, he is suspected of defrauding his investors out of $350 million.  Problem is, he went missing last week.   Although he left a suicide note, he called his wife from Louisiana.  Authorities are looking for but without a warrant, they can do little when they find him.

Although law enforcement states that no one else appears to be involved, his wife, who is a principal in the company, along with any other management figures need attorneys right now.  While I’m sure they have various business attorneys, they should get some good criminal defense attorneys that actually know how to represent real people.  As both a wife and business partner, Mrs. Nadel will be answering many, many questions.  How she handles those questions will not only help her stay out of trouble, but it will help her keep the money that she still has.

Article is here.


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