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Official Misconduct strikes again! January 14, 2009

Posted by tsclaw2209 in News.
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I’ve been saying that New Jersey’s official misconductstatute has been going too far for quite some time now.  A local reporter just interviewed an attorney about a man that was sentenced last week.  That story is here.  Its a really great article as a non-lawyer with an audience agrees with me.  As this statute ensnares more and more people that it was never intended to hurt, maybe the public will start to ask for something be done.

Here’s the latest victim.  Elbert Reid of Irvington, New Jersey has been charged with official misconduct and three counts of forgery.  Prosecutors allege that he sold at least three fraudulent inspection stickers.  Here’s the best part, he doesn’t even work for the State!  He works for Parsons, a private company that has been running New Jerseys inspection stations since 1998.  The press release is here.

So, this guy, who works for a private company, gets less than $300 total for three stickers and he should go to prison for 5 to 10 years?  If this was your friend, husband, brother, father, etc, you would be ok with that?    Meanwhile, much of Camden looks like a third world country.  We really have our priorities in order huh?


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