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Atlantic City man accused of posing as female veterinarian January 14, 2009

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What editor approved this story?  How do you report that a guy poses as a female vet and not think to provide the reader with just a little information as to exactly how he did this?  At least promise us that you’ll follow up. 

Anyway, Vineland, New Jersey police charged Daniel C. Tyce with practicing medicine without a license. They allege that he ran a business called South Jersey Small Animal Rescue and pretended to be Dr. Danielle Smith, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania veterinary school.  Police also allege that he inoculated pets and offered small animals for adoption for a fee through the rescue agency.  I don’t see any of this as that big of a deal, at least in the criminal sense (assuming no animals were injured)

However, the police also say that he also solicited donations, claiming the agency was a nonprofit which is was not.  That is a much bigger problem. 

If all we are talking about is a guy (or, uh, woman?) pretending to be a veterinarian, then the biggest issue is whether any animals were injured.  If not, what is the big deal?  Trust me, as an animal lover, I’d be afraid of someone treating my pets that doesn’t know what they are doing.  However, my defense of this guy would be that he is a huge animal lover and just wanted to help animals.  In other words, his intentions were great, his actions improper.  However, there is no reason to punish him as his actions hurt no one and helped many.

Of course, that defense gets complicated when you add the issues of pretending to be a nonprofit.  Somehow I doubt that he made a ton of money.  I would want to look over his books and track all of the money.  If he is using the money to drive a new BMW, then we have problems.  If he is using the money to help the animals, grow his practice, etc, then this just supports the defense.

This guy can’t find $1000 to bail himself out of jail, so I assume he has no money (and thus no BMW).  Unless he has some nice friends or family, he won’t be hiring a good attorney anytime soon.


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