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Stunt pilot Marcus Schrenker almost pulls off total disappearing act January 13, 2009

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The Media is just loving this story and some are even comparing him to DB Cooper, even though there is almost no connection.  I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now, Marcus Schrenker, facing a divorce, financial problems and possible securities violations, allegedly tries to fake his death by crashing his plane.  Problem is, military jets notice that the plane looked empty before it crashed, his body was not found at the crash site and he was seen at a store and motel after the accident.  

Right now, he’s not facing any charges.  I would suggest he just man up and deal with all of this before it gets any worse.  He has no criminal charges and a good attorney can blame his actions on the stress of the recent events in his life.  A civil settlement can try to be worked out to avoid criminal charges.  Such a trial would be difficult to put together due to all of the different witnesses it would take to get a trial going here.  In addition, while the plane could have killed someone, no one was hurt.

His bigger issue at the moment, is any possible criminal charges he is facing relating to his business dealings.  If charged, the prosecutor will want to use the plane ditching against him.  Of course, this would divert the attention from the real issues; so if they have a good case, they might just want to forget it.  After all, he is not charged with anything yet.   The Media loves this case so I’m sure we’ll easily find out how this one ends.

A good AP article on this story is here.


1. coffee maker - March 22, 2009

i predict that Marcus Schrenker’s life will be turned into an indy film within the next year (starring Gerard Butler of course since they look so much alike)

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