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Miami Maternity Center reopens and owner responds after raid January 3, 2009

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You have to give credit to Shari Daniels, owner and senior midwife of the Miami Maternity Center that was raided on Christmas Eve.  She reopened her business and responded to the allegations herself without using an attorney to be her mouthpiece.  She denies the allegations by not only saying they are false, but impossible. 

However, I’m not sure how smart this is.  I just hope she has a good attorney at this point.  If anything she says in any way is false, it can be used against her to try to show thatshe is is a liar.  If what she is saying is true, she needs to mount a huge defense.  I would start right away.  Interview employees, clients, everyone.  Lock the stories in now.  I would even interview past employees.  You need to hit this hard.  The old saying that a best defense is a good offense doesn’t even begin to explain what you need to do here. 

Update on the story is here.   You can also check out Mommy Blawg for another take on the story.


1. miami - January 4, 2009

Don’t worry, she knows only too well how to do this. She’s been a pro at it in Texas, Jamaica, and now Miami. Unfortunately for her, she’s been thrown out of both Texas and Jamaica for the deaths of both mothers and babies. I wouldn’t be trying to help her too much if I were you. I have spoken to the poor mothers who have had their babies die there and what they have had done to them is horrendous. It reminds me of what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish women. Hopefully, we can get her out of here too, before another mommy or baby dies.

Anonymous - July 30, 2009

No mommy has died and one baby has died. The death of the baby was due to shoulder dystocia which is not preventable nor detectable until it’s already happened. MMC/Shari do not have mothers and babies die on a regular basis. NO midwife likes nor plans on losing a baby, when it happens it is a devastating event. Shari has a heart just like any other midwife/woman/person, she suffers from the loss emotionally as well.

Shari and MMC make their clients feel like their family. The family like atmosphere and sincerity of everyone at the center is amazingly comforting and welcoming. Shari, her midwives and her students have the up most respect for what women go through in order to bring their children into this world. They are all amazing people, who genuinely care about women!

response - September 27, 2009

Interesting how you know this. Sounds like Shari has been working her special magic (sorcery, brainwashing, you pick) on you. By the way, how did you come across that info? That’s protected info under the privacy act and is federally mandated, which means it’s illegal to share it. Just saying. And how much is she suffering since she left the country to do births with another unsuspecting group of women. Sounds like someone running or else putting alot of distance between themselves and their “devastating events”. That group of people at MMC wouldn’t know the meaning of the word respect, much less give it. And by the way, shoulder dystocia is preventable if you are giving quality prenatal care and are aware of how much weight the mother has gained, her pelvic shape, and the size of the baby. If you are a part of this “family” then my heart goes out to you. There is help. Dysfunction has many forms, and brainwashing is one of them. I just hope it comes before it’s too late for you.

amayavaya - October 9, 2009

Both of my children were born with the help of a midwife, I and others who have had this kind of birthing process understand that child birth is a natural process and no one in my opinion has fought the good fight more than Shari Daniels and Dr. Digiacamo in south florida. Both of them are institutions in S. Fla for those who opt for different than the norm of a 50 % C-section rate (isn’t that sad)

2. Concerned citizen - January 4, 2009

What’s sad is that she’s denying it, but her students and former patients are publicly defending her making the placenta capsules! Several of her former patients have publicly stated that she made them placenta capsules in blogs, newspaper comments, and on public email lists!
She sure better get herself a lawyer, it would be downright DUMB to keep speaking without one… she’s already been shown to be a liar from those who are trying to protect her!

3. Former MMC Student - January 4, 2009

As a former MMC student I know that the placenta pills were made at the center. Finally now all the mothers that delievered there will know Shari is a lyer. I hope that each client that ingested the tainted pills contact the hotline number to report the pills being made. 1-877-HALT-ULA I also hope that these mothers are tested for all blood borne diseases that may have entered there system through the placenta pills. If you are truly a advocate for moms and babies you will relize that Shari’s unethical and unsafe practices give all midwives a bad name.

whitecollarcrimenews - January 4, 2009

Based upon all of these comments, it is clear that Shari needs a really good attorney. It is also clear that the prosecutors have a lot of people to interview.

4. Carmi - January 6, 2009

Hello, I am the aunt of a little boy that was lost in October due to Shari’s inability to stop herself and make the correct decision to transport my sister when all signs pointed to my sister needing to be transporting out of the center into the care of OB’s at a hospital.

This is not an attack on LM’s this is just the plain and simple truth. I do hold hope that another LM would have known the difference and would have stepped aside and made the correct decision for my sister at that time. But ,Shari plays God. Shari has no remorse and no ethics. She is truely a menace to the society and all midwives alike. I really would love to know where I can locate information on her cases in Texas and Jamaica. This could help our case here tremendously.
If we want to shut her down, then everyone that has had an expierence with her needs to speak up. ( And I say “we” as in the families that have suffered a loss and the midwives that have witnessed her power struggle behavior and the students whom of which have been forced into a very terrible spot, by standing by her and lying to keep that school and center open) She can not possibly intimidate this many people. PLEASE stand up. Save a babies and a mothers’ life. You know what she is capable of. I have also posted a small blog on my site CarmiCulo Talks
Let’s make noise about this until she is stopped it’s the only way.

5. The Mommy Blawger - January 8, 2009

Thank you for the link!

Someone left a comment on my blog to the effect that she has a really tough lawyer, but so far I don’t see direct evidence of one.

6. AnneMarie - January 12, 2009

If you are at all interested in Shari Daniels please check out this website http://www.miamibirth.info designed to bring to light the truth re: Miami Maternity Center and Shari Daniels.

7. aracelly blandon - January 13, 2009

My name is Aracelly Blandon, I don’t use a fake code to log in or give my opinion. I have been a patient of Shari Daniels since 2000, I have had 4 children with Shari and my experience at the Miami Maternity center is the most wonderful one can every imagine..Shari to me is the most nurturing, loving, and knowledgeable person there is…all you people out there that are trashing her and talking all these things, get a life and let others live….shari doesn’t need an attorney she has thousands of moms behind her that will do anything to keep her where she is….envy is a sin…

8. AnneMarie - January 14, 2009

Please log on to http://www.miamibirth.info to find public records, complaints, and investigations re the birth center and Shari Daniels LM owner. The site has an open blog, information on florida law, and how to file a complaint. If you are at all interested in this place please look at this website. http://www.miamibirth.info

9. Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM, LM - January 20, 2009

Freestanding birth centers and the brave midwives who operate them are under attack all over the United States. The “obstetric machine” is trying to shut everyone down, stop midwives from being properly trained, stop any physician who assists them or their clients, and is running scared after the serious success of documentaries like Rickie Lake’s “The business of Being Born, Orgasmic Birth, and Pregnant in America.

This is a well-financed, multi-level political attack on ALL women — so you’d better understand: This isn’t about placentas — it’s about money, power & control. Those who think it’s slipping from their grasp — and those they hope to prosecute, control, and keep from having choices in childbirth.

Wake up, people — smell the coffee — and contact your federal & state legislators. Or you might all hear that “knock at the door.”

10. Joyce Moxley Thomas, MHA, CPM, LM - January 20, 2009

Forgot one important thing: The American Medical Association, the American College of OB GYNS (ACOG), and every state medical association is guilty of gross violation of the federal Sherman Act — the “anti-monopoly” statues which are supposed to protect business & consumers from blatant “restraint of trade.”

The American Chiropractic Association sued the AMA for a decade in federal court — AND WON! Finally – but mothers & babies & midwives do not have the political & financial ability to do that.

I’m surprised a smart attorney somewhere hasn’t figured out how to set up a class action lawsuit in every state to protect women’s rights to make choices in childbirth, and to protect midwives and birth centers from greedy, power-hungry hospitals and obstetricians.

Our infant mortality rate is appalling, the World Health Organization would like to stop these guys, and March of Dimes is running around complaining about how many premature babies we have in the US. But NOBODY has decided to stop the hospitals & the OBs . . .

So quit attacking a midwife who’s trying to offer women & their families choices — why don’t you go after the REAL bad guys — the OBs & hospitals!

Salli - August 2, 2009


11. anonymous - February 16, 2009

I completely support midwives and the midwifery community. Your above comment is completely out of line regarding the midwife and birthing center mentioned above that is currently under investigation. Shari Daniels not only made contaminated placenta bills, allowed unlicensed midwives to practice, employed unethical practices, and was responsible for the preventable deaths of numerous babies but has been shut down in the state of Texas and in Jamaica for her practices. Your right, legitimate birth centers and midwives will be shut down by the government but not because the government is on a witch hunt but due to the illegal/dangerous/unethical practices of midwives like Shari Daniels.

Kara Burney - August 1, 2009

an update on the witchhunt (that IS what happened): the FDA & AHCA investigation and lab found NO contamination or cross-contamination whatsoever in the placentas that they seized in their ridiculous raid last December. This fact was very quietly swept under the rug after all of the big noise they made about Shari and MMC “endangering mothers” by giving them their OWN placentas. They found nothing! And as to the all of the investigations and inspections that are being thrown out there, I did my own research on MMC, as a pregnant woman I wanted to know and so I went online and read all of the public records from AHCA, the regulations and the inspection reports. All of these people are repeatedly mentioning these inspections but they don’t include that the inspectors found nothing, no violations other than 2 small rule notes regarding location of virtamins for storage and posting of CPR renewals and licenses, NOT that certs/lic were not held but that they weren’t posted. Does this sound like a birth center or midwife who is running a house of horrors like they make it out to sound? Another very important thing for mothers-to-be to know about this whole mess is that 9 of the 11 “complaints” that precipitated the inspections were made by the SAME PERSON who was NOT a client or even pregnant. I suspect this person is behind much of the incessant comments and misinformation online this year. Remember, anyone can make a complaint to AHCA and they are required by law to investigate whether the complaint is valid or even has basis. So when you hear that an inspection or investigation took place remember there may be nothing more than one persons personal agenda, even vendetta, behind it.

Joyce Thomas - August 2, 2009

So if you “completely support midwives and the midwifery community,” why are you signing in as “anonymous?” Show yourself, your motives are highly suspect, and you are probably a physician. The witch hunt is REAL and has been for over 100 years in the US — it’s all about money & power — so who are you really?!!!

12. Ana Cristina Duarte - August 3, 2009

Just correcting, this witch hunt takes place all over the globe. We do have the same problem here in Brazil, of medical board acusing the birth centers of “killing a lot of babies”. Oh God. It’s so tiring.

13. Wendy Hoon Langen - August 7, 2009

Shari Daniels is the most experienced birth attendant in South Florida. I credit her personally for helping me avoid C-Section and D&C. I am a health care professional who went into the childbirth process after much research with my eyes wide open. I would recommend Shari and the MMC to any pregnant woman. She should be left in peace to provide the excellent service she does to mothers and their children.

14. KRistybel - September 30, 2009

Hi,my name is Kristybel and I gave birth at SHari Daniels center twice. I had a good experience with the most popular midwife from DIscovery CHannel “HOuse of BAbies.” SHari Daniels is one of the most knowledgable and experienced midwives there is. She does have a strong character but she knows what she is doing. When my 2nd baby was delayed longer than expected,SHari herself after various intents to speed up the contractions,recommended at one point the possibility for delivery at a hospital. Luckily labor advanced well and it was not necessarry. All her assistants and midwives working there love to help bring a baby into this world. MY heart goes out to the mother and family of the baby who did not make it. I can only imagine,as it is every moms worst nightmare. HOwever,we should not seek out vengeance and act in anger searching for someone to blame for the loss. THese things do happen and it happens far more often with OBGY in hospitals. It upsets me to learn that these people are seeking to terminate SHari Daniels and I take it that the family of the woman who lost the baby are pro-conventional med & anti-holistic healthcare.ABout placenta pills,they are made only upon request and I asked for mine to be made for their natural benefits coming from my own body.AGain im sorry for the loss of that family. I lost my husband recently…

15. mrs. mcgregor - January 10, 2010

Hello. It is very sad how we throw the book at people before all the facts are out. We believe heresay and others without proof or evidence. Was a raid of 20 people really necessary to gain access and conduct an investigation of a midwifery practice? What did they think they were up against that they needed an army to go in? Scary placenta? That sounds absurd to me.
I am a mom of 5 children. I had 2 children via c-section at a hospital, 2 children with Shari at Miami Maternity Center, and 1 home birth.
I am a much happier person coming across Shari Daniels. She believed in me and she was able to tell me why. Upon my first visit she gave me the best physical I had ever had. She was able to tell me what vitamins would benefit me, what foods were best during pregnancy, gave me a sample menu to follow, and took her time to examine me to determine if I was really a good candidate to deliver in a birth center setting. I was so impressed.
Sadly maternal and infant mortalities happen sometimes whether in a birth center or a hospital. If you compare the statistics the complications and mortalities are far greater in hospital settings than birth center settings. Yet, no one is calling out any hospitals publicly for people dying. The claims against the birth center are biased.
Any allegations should be considered with any evidence in a court of law and until there is evidence to prove elsewise a person is innocent.
I know for a fact that Shari Daniels is a highly intelligent woman who has an enormous amount of medical knoweledge that helps keep mothers to be healthy and aids in bringing babies safely into this world in a natural way.

16. sharon Akins - October 27, 2010

Shari is awesome she delivered my first son while being in labor for 13 hours she used her expierence and was able to assist me with a natural healthy and lovely birthing expierence…

17. J Cardens-Ballentine - December 10, 2010

Shari delivered by daughter in 2006, I had a very difficult 22 hour unmedicated, old fashioned labor. It was incredibly hard. A hospital would have NEVER waited, I would have been cut open and sewn up. I chose MMC. I knew I wanted natural and Shari is the most experienced mid-wife in Miami possibly the nation. If you decide you want an unmedicated natural birth in a non-hospital setting, there is no one more capable than Shari & MMC( Although Shari is now delivering babies in India) Carol runs the show now. To call her a demon is ridiculous. I just saw her yesterday, almost 5 years after giving birth at Walgreens on Biscayne & 125. She recognized ME, she hugged me and hugged my daughter! She has done so much good in our community.When people talk about the risks of delivering in a non hospital setting without a ob, I think of the Midwestern lady featured on Oprah who went in to her hospital for a normal childbirth, while hospitalized contracted a flesh-eating disease and lost ALL FOUR LIMBS!

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