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Neil Cohen, former Assemblyman indicted for child pornography charges December 17, 2008

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As an attorney that represents a former politician on charges that are somewhat related, I’ve been watching this case with interest.  Neil Cohen is a former New Jersey Assemblyman who allegedly uses his office computer to view child pornography.  He also allegedly printed out at least one image which results in a second degree distribution charge.  Since he did this with his work computer, he is also facing a second degree official misconduct charge.  Luckily, my client alleged actions took place on his own time so he doesn’t have the OM charge.

I’m sure there were plea negotiations for the past several months which probably had a hand in delaying the indictment.  It is too bad that there are the 2nd degree child porn charges because his attorney could have then heavily litigated the OM charge which has been over used in the last several years.  Now, his attorney has to deal with the OM charge and the other charges.  He will lose just about everything if he is convicted of all charges.  The sentence would be prison, Megan’s law and parole supervision for life. 

A good plea would be plea to the OM charge, and drop the other child porn charges to 4th degree possession so he can avoid parole supervision for life.   The prison term would be a 5 flat but a good sentencing package could get that down to a 3 flat.   He would be out within 9 months or earlier if he got ISP.

Click here for the press release and indictment.


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