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Some good attorneys show how to talk to the press December 15, 2008

Posted by tsclaw2209 in News.

Most State white collar crimes are brought by the AG’s office.  However, Monmouth County’s Prosecutor (formerly of the US Attorney’s office) just indicted a fairly major case. 

According to the Asbury Park Press:

A Monmouth County grand jury has returned an indictment charging Timothy Hurst, 53, of Middletown of misconduct by a corporate official, conspiracy and theft by deception by diverting money meant to fund the redevelopment of the lot on Wharf Avenue.

Hurst, who was released from custody after posting $100,000 bail, is named in six of the eight counts in the indictment handed up Monday, and could face a maximum of 40 years in state prison if convicted on all counts.

Also charged in the indictment is Laurie Quinn, 50, also of Middletown and Kelly Rowe, 32, of Edison. Quinn, whom prosecutors contend was also a partner in the corporation, Union Street Village Developers LLC, is named in seven of the counts and could face up to 50 years if convicted. She was released after posting $25,000 bail.

With most white collar crime cases, the issue of the case is one of intent.  Sometimes, it may take lawyers months to figure that out (if they ever do).  These lawyers (all of which I know as good attorneys) show how to develop a theme for the case and use the press to your advantage.

“Unfortunately, the corporation in question, like so many corporations in this day and age, went bad and any disputes involving funds are civil in nature and absolutely, unequivocally not criminal,” said Hurst’s attorney, Mitchell J. Ansell.

Quinn’s attorney, Michael D’Alessio, said his client built a new house but had no knowledge whether any of the money to do so came from the Village Street partnership.

“Any check she received from Hurst, from him personally or the LLC, was his contribution to joint expenses of living together,” said D’Alessio, who also denied his client had access to a company credit card.

Rowe, who was released on her own recognizance after surrendering to the prosecutor’s officer Thursday, was merely doing her job when she signed what are now alleged to be forged checks, said her lawyer, Steven D. Cahn.

“She’s not a partner and she doesn’t have a business interest in it,” Cahn said. “They’re alleging that this guy basically defrauded his business partner. I don’t know if he did not or not, but my client had nothing to do with it.”



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