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Essex County consultant indicted on charges of using position to benefit his company December 12, 2008

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You know you are in New Jersey when this story doesn’t appear in any papers or news outlets.  I can’t find any.  Regardless, it is a pretty interesting story that I would like more details about. 

Having seen my own client’s press releases, I can say that a lot of this is most likely spin.  I think this guy has a pretty decent defense.  I would have two concerns as his attorney:  1) Does anyone else make an inculpatory statement and 2) what is the story with the bidding process?

While having an informant, co-defendant or whoever make a statement against you (especially in exchange for a deal) is not the end of the world, it hurts a little more in a WCC case because the main issue is intent.  Keeping with the theme of intent, the goal here (as it is in most cases) is to show lack of criminal intent in any way possible.  Everything that is done out in the open is good.  Anything that is hidden, such as rigging the bids shows criminal intent. 

While he is facing prison, a decent deal here would be probation with a major fine that hits him very hard.  After all, putting him in prison does nothing as he’ll get ISP anyway. 

Attorney General Anne Milgram and Criminal Justice Director Deborah L. Gramiccioni announced that an individual who served as Essex County’s consultant on contracts involving replacement and repair of boiler systems was indicted today on charges he steered contracts to companies that paid him $500,000 as a consultant, inspector and salesman.

According to Gramiccioni, the Division of Criminal Justice obtained a state grand jury indictment charging Melvyn Neishloss, 68, of Howell, with official misconduct and unlawful speculation on official action or information, both in the second-degree. His company, Superior Combustion of New Jersey, Inc., is also named as a defendant in the indictment for all of the charges except official misconduct.

The indictment is the result of an investigation by the Essex County Office of Inspector General conducted in coordination with the Division of Criminal Justice.



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